Biomechanical behavior of an implant system of carbon fiber-reinforced polyether ether ketone (PEEK) bars with different designs: finite elements analysis

  • Didier ANZOLIN
  • Geraldo Alberto Pinheiro CARVALHO
  • Aline Batista Gonçalves FRANCO
  • Simone KREVE
  • Rafael Lacerda ZANDONÁ
  • Sergio Candido DIAS
Keywords: Finite Element Analysis, Polymers, Prosthesis Design, Dental Implants


We used finite elements analysis to assess the biomechanical behavior of lower protocol bars made of Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) reinforced by carbon fiber, with different designs on All-on-four® system, subjected to physiological occlusal loads. The models were built to have an I-shaped or an inverse T-shaped section. We also assessed the stress distribution on the peri implant bone, implants, prosthetic intermediates, prosthetic intermediate screws, and prosthetic screws. In the simulations, strength peaks were similar for both inverse T and I shaped models; however, the I-shaped bars showed larger resistance in comparison with the inverse T shape. Since it is a new material in dentistry, further research is necessary for a better assessment of PEEK's mechanical and clinical performance.

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